Duct Cleaning & Sealing Services

Did you just move into your home? Are you planning on putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, or maybe installing new floor coverings? Buying a new home is a huge investment of your time, energy and money. You are putting a lot of energy into making your home your own.

Removing the accents and personal touches of the previous owners can be quite the task. If you are tearing up flooring, changing wall paper, and painting, don’t you think your home’s comfort system deserves attention, too?

Duct Cleaning Near Me

You never know if the past owners maintained your home’s comfort system or neglected it. By not doing simple maintenance on the system such as changing filters, your home’s comfort system can have dirty duct work. Do you know what is in your duct work? If the previous owner smoked, had pets, or burned candles, your duct work may be in need of a thorough cleaning.

Everyone has heard the jokes about duct tape. The truth is, duct tape is useful for closing boxes for storage, but is not sufficient at sealing duct systems. When duct tape is subject to heat and moisture (as it will be if used on duct work), it can break down and peel off. Mastic is a much more efficient answer. A duct sealing material, mastic doesn’t break down when subjected to the heat of your attic or the moisture of your crawl space.

The Importance of Duct Cleaning

There are two ways to determine if your duct system is leaking. The first and more preferred method is by using a Duct Blaster. A Duct Blaster is a diagnostic tool used to measure air loss by pressure in the duct system. It is a fan with two pressure ports, which measure the entering pressure as well as the internal pressure. The difference in these pressures determines if there is duct leakage, and from there our professional technicians equate the leakage to a total amount of system loss throughout the entire duct system.

With this information, we can calculate just how much money you are losing due to duct system leakage. Once this test is performed, our technician will introduce a fog-like smoke into the system to identify the areas of leakage. After this, they use a mastic seal to cover the spots of leakage, and then retest the system to ensure the leaks are completely sealed.